Russians continue to kidnap people on TOT

Unfortunately, the strengthening of repressive measures in the temporarily occupied territories leads to a greater number of abducted people.

Using a system of “denunciations” in the form of anonymous chatbots, traitors and increased checks at checkpoints, which Putin “legitimized” with his decree on martial law in the occupied territories, the Russians launched a repressive system where everyone can go to the “basement”.

After the “referendum”, Russians no longer need to play host and give out 10,000 rubles of “humanitarian aid” and imitate the love of the locals. Now the enemy has switched to the “whip” and simply arrests people for Ukrainian applications, lack of a Russian passport and false denunciations.

An increase in the number of kidnapped people is observed in Berdyansk and Melitopol. at the same time, both men and women disappear. In most cases, the occupiers report the whereabouts of the detainees only after a few weeks, but the reasons for the detention and the period of detention are not reported.

The National Resistance Center calls on the local population to leave the region until the region is de-occupied. we will return home after victory!

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