Russians continue to kidnap Ukrainian children

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center continues to record the crimes of the Russian authorities in the temporarily occupied territories.

Thus, according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the forcible transfer of children from one ethnic group to another is a sign of genocide. The occupiers do not return the children to Ukraine, but deliberately take them as far away from the Motherland as possible.

We are talking about boarding school students, where not even all children are orphans. They are then adopted in the Russian Federation, because the goal of the Russians is to assimilate such children so that they forget their roots. To increase such indicators, there is even a financing program for families who agree to adopt a Ukrainian child.

There is also a practice of holding Ukrainian children hostage when, after a medical examination, they are sent “for treatment” to remote regions of the Russian Federation and then not returned to their parents until they pick them up on their own. In the future, parents are forbidden to return home due to “martial law” at TOT.

The person responsible for the international crime is Maria Lvova-Belova, the representative of the Russian Federation for the rights of the child, who previously personally “adopted” a 16-year-old boy from Mariupol. In the comments, she herself admits that the kidnapped children “at first do not like the Russian Federation”, but then “integrate”.

However, her predecessor, Anna Kuznetsova, who is currently a member of the occupiers’ parliament, also committed genocide. In particular, the day before, she took 11 children from Mariupol to “rehabilitate”.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center urges parents on the TOT to ignore the medical examinations of the Russian side, because they use it as an excuse to deport children, and if possible to leave the region until the moment of his release.

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