Russians continue to militarize Ukrainian teenagers

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, the invaders are militarizing Ukrainian youth in order to further raise recruits for the war against the Motherland. 

For example, militants of the so-called “Margelov Battalion” (an occupation unit that mimics local volunteers) conducted training for several members of the occupation movement “Yunarmiya” (Youth Army – a Russian analog of the Hitler Youth).

The teenagers were taught shooting, tactics, and other military skills. They were also given propaganda lectures on Russia’s vision of “SVO” (Special Military Operation, as Russians call their unprovoked war) and were told that their native land belonged to Russia.

It should be noted that the participants of such militant movements are supposed to form the core of the local mobilized according to Moscow’s plan. It is also worth noting that the recruitment of local residents in the TOT is a violation of international law.

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