Russians deliver grain from TOT to Syria

The occupiers continue to export grain to Syria from the temporarily occupied territories.

Grain from the south is exported in two ways: by the Tokmak-Berdyansk railway, where it is then transported through the port to Tartus (Syria). Another way is to take it to the Crimea to the port of Sevastopol and then to the aforementioned Tartus.

We remind you that Mariupol – Taganrog is also one of the “favorite” routes. Along this route, the enemy is taking away looted grain, as well as scrap metal from the destroyed cities, in particular from the same Mariupol.

Earlier, the occupation administration of the Zaporizhzhya region reported on the sale of 300,000 tons of grain, oil and leguminous crops in 2022. Gauleiters said that 10 branches of the State Grain Operator were created to receive agricultural products in the region, which then resold the grain.

In fact, the “state grain enterprise” is an ordinary cover. It was to her that the farmers had to give the grain to TOT for nothing, otherwise the grain was “nationalized”. Later, this laying already transferred the grain to structures related to the occupiers, and they resold it at market prices. That is, in fact, the Russians stole Ukrainian grain, and all the profit was taken by the Gauleiter and protégés of the Kremlin in the region.

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