Russians demand from Gauleiters of Luhansk region to speed up passportization of teenagers

The occupiers are dissatisfied with the low pace of passportization in the territories of Luhansk region captured after February 24, 2022 and demand that the Gauleiters solve this problem.
Thus, the main collaborator of the region, Leonid Pasechnik, was tasked with forcibly passportizing all children aged 14-18 by October 1. In order to do this, “observers” from Moscow have arrived in the region, aiming to implement a number of measures and verify their implementation.
A commission will be sent to each of the captured areas, which will search for teenagers without an enemy passport. For this purpose, “volunteers” from the Kremlin youth movements arriving from the Russian Federation will be involved, who will bypass the houses.
Children are offered free rest for obtaining a passport, and their parents are also threatened with the lack of social benefits or the child’s in admission to study.

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