Russians deported Ukrainians to 55 regions of the Russian Federation

The occupiers continue to deport Ukrainians under the guise of evacuation, in total, Ukrainians have already been resettled in 55 regions.

Russians pursue a policy of genocide on the occupied lands, because the ultimate goal of the Russian Federation is the destruction of the Ukrainian nation. Therefore, Ukrainians are deported to the TOT for further assimilation in remote lands of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, “displaced persons”, whom the Russian authorities sometimes forcibly, sometimes fraudulently “evacuated”, are evicted to separate areas and create conditions when they need to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the occupation administration of the temporarily occupied territories announced the creation of fake courts, which are actually necessary to imitate the judicial field. Each decision of such a court is legally null and void, and with the help of it the occupiers plan to deport Ukrainians to remote areas. Thus, the courts will sentence those whom the enemy suspects of disloyalty under the article “extremism”.

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