Russians detain minors en masse in the temporarily occupied territories

Invaders detain children in temporarily occupied territories in order to put pressure on their parents.

The parents of the detainees are threatened with deprivation of parental rights and deportation of the children to Russia. The reason for the detentions, in fact, is the fight against children who show a Ukrainian position. In particular, due to the fact that young people in the temporarily occupied territories constantly visit Ukrainian Internet resources, in schools they argue with teachers about the actions of the Russian Federation.

Such cynical detentions are one of the elements of pressure on parents who do not want to issue a Russian “passport”.

The informants of the Russian security forces are the ideological advisors of school principals. Such a position was introduced in the temporarily occupied territories. It is occupied by the Russians.

If you have information about such persons, report to our chatbot.

Earlier, in Berdyansk, the invaders conducted a raid on families that do not send their children to Russian schools.

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