Russians evict Tokmak residents from their homes

In the city of Tokmak, Zaporizhzhya region, the Russian occupation forces are forcibly evicting local residents from their homes in order to house local collaborators, the General Staff reports.

“New apartments” are given to collaborators who work as part of the enemy’s so-called “law enforcement agencies”. The real owners are ordered by the occupiers to leave their homes and move out into the street. In this way, the Russians want to encourage local treason.

Also, the enemy conducted searches in the settlement of Krynka, Kherson region, with the aim of stealing boats, water engines and other watercraft from the civilian population.

It will be recalled that the Gauleiter of the temporarily seized areas of the Donetsk region announced plans to hand over the seized housing to collaborators. Yes, “abandoned property”, which is what the Russians call the empty homes of those who left the region due to the occupation, is planned to be handed over from May 1 to “soldiers of the Soviet Union” and collaborators who lost their property due to Moscow’s aggression.

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