Russians force TOT residents to write renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship

The occupiers plan to legally oblige residents of the temporarily occupied territories to write a statement renouncing Ukrainian citizenship.

An application must be submitted to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation. At the same time, such a statement to the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has no legal force, because in Ukraine there is no mechanism for revocation of citizenship. Therefore, such statements have two purposes:

  • propagandistic, to demonstrate how residents “massively” renounce Ukrainian citizenship;
  • punitive, because if the enemy finds out that despite writing an application for renunciation of citizenship, the resident continues to receive Ukrainian payments, then he becomes a “foreign agent”.

At the same time, the enemy is putting pressure on Ukrainians at TOT to receive Russian waste paper. For example, in Tokmak, the occupiers threaten residents that they will send them “to the basement” or take away their children if they do not receive a Russian passport.

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