Russians have drawn up a plan to seize automotive equipment from enterprises in the TOT

The Russian occupation forces suffer significant losses in both manpower and equipment every day. The military-industrial complex of the occupiers does not have time to produce and restore equipment laid down in Soviet times at storage bases, so more and more often, Russians are confiscating civilian equipment from enterprises for the needs of their troops. Foremost, they are trying to take away equipment in the TOT of Ukraine in order to transfer it to the units as soon as possible and not to create unnecessary tension in the territory of Russia itself.

In particular, it has become known that the “military commissariats” established by the occupiers in the TOT of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have begun the process of accounting and seizure of buses and trucks from coal industry enterprises in favor of the occupation forces.

The National Resistance Center reminds that there are many options for causing imperceptible damage to vehicles, which will allow them to be disabled after a certain period of time. This will accelerate the end of the war and save the lives of people who may be illegally mobilized by the occupiers to the TOT to join the occupation army. You can also provide useful information to the Ukrainian Defense Forces via the chatbot.

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