Russians have problems in fighting partisans, and their personnel are trying to dismiss – review from TOT

The occupiers continue their fruitless struggle against our underground and have problems with the moral and psychological state of the personnel.

The Center of National Resistance has prepared a new overview of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories.

The occupiers are looking for partisans

In search of partisans, the Russians are intensifying inspections of civilian vehicles on the roads of the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region.

Our underground reports more thorough interrogations and checks of civilian cars at the occupiers’ checkpoints. This is due to the fear of a counteroffensive of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, which makes the occupiers nervous and more actively look for “Ukrainian intelligence and sabotage groups”.

The occupiers also created maneuverable groups of the Rosgvardia to fight the partisan movement in the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine.

At the same time, the resistance of the local population continues. Despite the ban, residents of the TOT continue to use the hryvnia.

Meanwhile, the civil resistance movement Yellow Ribbon is calling for Russian Z-symbols to be turned into hourglasses. Activists appeal to all organizations that resist the occupiers under occupation and to Ukrainians who, despite repressions, pressure and fatigue, continue to believe and wait for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russians cannot overcome the resistance of civilians, so they continue terror in the TOT

The occupiers deliberately spoil Ukrainian passports of civilians in the TOT.

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