Russians looking for reasons of the low turnout in the TOT elections

Residents of the temporarily occupied territories ignored the “elections” and now the Russians are beginning to look for its reasons.

So, in the cities of Crimean peninsula, the actual turnout at the fake election was from 5% to 20%. Despite the inflated figures drawn by propagandists, reality forces the Kremlin to work on mistakes.

The Russians are actively checking state-owned enterprises for the implementation of the turnout plan, as well as “working” with political technologists who did not ensure the interest of the local population in the “elections”.

We will remind you that at the TOT of the Zaporizhzhia region, the occupation administration is checking state employees who did not go to the elections. In particular, they demand to provide lists of those who were on sick leave or on vacation during the “election” period, suspecting residents of sabotage.

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