Russians may carry out provocations on the occasion of “Russia Day” in the TOT

The National Resistance Center calls on all residents of the temporarily occupied territories not to join any mass actions organized by the aggressors.

There is a threat that the Russians are planning provocations in the TOT between June 11 and 12.

The Russian authorities are planning to hold celebrations for the so-called Day of Russia with the involvement of a large number of civilians. At the same time, there is a growing possibility that the occupation authorities are planning terrorist attacks that they want to blame on the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Another example of a Russian war crime – the bombing of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant – proves that the aggressor is not interested in the number of civilian casualties. Their goal is to stop the counteroffensive and, at the same time, to accuse Ukraine of all their crimes.

Accordingly, people should stay home on these dates to save their lives and health.

At the same time, the resistance movement continues to record all collaborators involved in organizing the occupier’s mass events in order to bring traitors to justice.

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