Employees of occupation administrations in the TOT are being prepared for mobilization.
The so-called district administrations of the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine were instructed to transfer the lists of Russian passport holders to local “military registration and enlistment offices”. The corresponding instruction was sent by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It must be completed by April 18.
The lists must be submitted in electronic format, as well as copies of documents of all employees of the occupation administrations and submitted to local “conscription offices”.
It should be noted that only in the TOT of Donetsk region, the occupiers created 23 “military offices”.
We will remind, on the website of the center of national resistance there is an instruction “what to do to Ukrainians who received a Russian summons in the temporarily occupied territories.” It is also worth emphasizing that citizens of the Russian Federation are subject to mobilization, that is, holders of enemy passports, so we urge you to ignore the passportization of the Russian Federation.

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