The Kremlin came up with a method to join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces and reduce the level of tension in society. Russia began to put pressure on migrants from Central Asian countries and demand from them to participate in the war against Ukraine. The Russians go two ways. The first, through military registration and enlistment offices and this applies to migrants who have become newly minted holders of a Russian passport. Almost immediately after receiving a passport, they receive a summons and, while communicating with the commissioner, receive threats that they will be deprived of citizenship if they do not avoid mobilization. The second concerns those who have not yet received a passport. They are promised citizenship as soon as possible if they join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. At the same time, if they refuse, there is a threat of deportation. One of the reasons for such a decision is the dissatisfaction of the families of Russian servicemen regarding delays in payments for the dead. The mobilization of migrants is designed to reassure ethnic Russians about new waves of mobilization. In this way, the Kremlin continues its strategy of using residents of poor regions and less well-off people as cannon fodder, as opposed to Muscovites.
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