A few days ago, Russian occupiers broke into the fire station in Energodar and took the phones of the employees of the State Emergency Service.

The enemy terrorized the workers and threatened them with massacre, because he allegedly suspected the firefighters of working for the Armed Forces. All phones were seized for “checking”, other equipment was also stolen.

Note that the enemy still does not control the temporarily occupied territories, and this forces him to spend resources on the search for partisans and go crazy from his own insignificance.

We will remind, on February 3 in Energodar, the car of Evgeny Kuzmin, who worked for the occupiers, was blown up. The former policeman betrayed Ukraine and after the start of the full-scale invasion started working in the occupation “MVD”. In this way, he helped to repress the peaceful inhabitants of the occupied city. The traitor died from the explosion.

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