Russians sent their priests to TOT

The Russians continue to oppress religious communities in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Thus, the enemy is forcibly including the religious communities of the UOC-MP into the Russian Orthodox Church. At the same time, those priests who refuse to cooperate with the enemy are replaced by seconded occupiers from the Russian Orthodox Church. In addition, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church also take positions in other church communities on the TOT, for example, in captured churches of the OCU. Special attention is paid to Mariupol.

At the same time, the so-called “priests” from the ROC are engaged in agent activities in the temporarily occupied territories, collecting data on patriotic parishioners and clergy. This data is then transferred to the Russian special services.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that all occupiers will be punished for their crimes against the Ukrainian people, regardless of whether they wear a suit, cassock or military uniform.

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