Russians tighten police regime in Crimea

On the temporarily occupied peninsula, Russians are stepping up measures to search for the Ukrainian underground. 

Due to the increased activities of the Ukrainian underground on the peninsula, the enemy has tightened security measures at the entry points to the illegally built Kerch bridge. A more thorough check of personal documents, vehicles, and documents for them was recorded.

Usually, the invaders check the browser history and subscriptions to telegrams and Viber channels. The invaders are also interested in whether a VPN is installed on the phone to bypass the blocking of Ukrainian websites.

The National Resistance Center calls on the residents of the TOT to be vigilant and clear their browser history and unsubscribe from Ukrainian Telegram channels before going out.

We remind you that our website has instructions on how to properly delete information from your phone.  We also emphasize that it is better to use a different phone to transmit information to the Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, the “ATESH” partisan movement continues its activities in the TOT. The partisans call for the dissemination of information about the movement and deployment of enemy forces.

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