Russians turned the church into an ammunition depot

The Russian troops, following the traditions of their ideological inspirers of the Red Army, once again demonstrated that nothing is sacred to them. The occupiers placed a warehouse of ammunition in the Orthodox church of the village of Zavodivka (Hornostaiv district of the Kherson region).

Previously, valuable objects and icons collected by the community were stolen from the Holy Kazan Church, which belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

Access to the temple is closed to local residents. The area around the building is under 24-hour security. Nearby streets are closed to traffic.

Also, the Russians cynically use educational institutions to accommodate personnel, covering themselves with children as “human shields”. In most temporarily occupied settlements, military personnel is stationed in schools. The “educational process” intentionally takes place on a stationary basis, it is forbidden to leave the institutions during the day.

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