Russians were never able to find students for their pseudo-universities in Melitopol

The occupiers were not able to find students at the “Melitopol State University”, which they created on the basis of the seized property of two higher education institutions of the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi MDPU and TDATU named after Dmytro Motorny.

Both universities were evacuated, and most of the teachers and students went with them. There are no queues at the fake university, where students are accepted even without exams because the locals perfectly understand the value of waste paper, which Russians call a “diploma”.

As of October 17, the admissions campaign continues, but we can already say that the academic year has not yet started.

Earlier the Russians threatened to send young men who do not want to create the illusion of an “educational process” for propagandists to the ranks of the enemy’s army.

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