Tension is growing between the occupiers in the TOT

The recent arrests of terrorists Igor Strelkov (Girkin) and Pavel Gubarev affected the general mood of collaborators and Russian tourers in the occupation administrations.

Thus, gauleiters often use the practice of taking “vacations” due to health conditions in order to sit out the process of “personnel purges” at home. During this period, a large part of the Kremlin curators left to the Russian Federation.

Such uncertainty in some cases has already led to the actual blocking of the work of the occupation administrations. However, Moscow cannot correct the situation, because the Kremlin’s policy is the cause of such a situation.

It will be recalled that paranoid sentiments are spreading among the invaders on the temporarily occupied Crimea. This is caused by the recent explosions on the Kerch bridge, because the occupiers suspect the bridge workers of helping the organizers of those explosions.

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