Thanks to the partisans, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed eney`s ammunition depot in Zaporizhzhia

Information from the underground once again helped to adjust the artillery strike.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered a precise strike on the ammunition warehouse of the Russians near one of the temporarily occupied settlements in Zaporozhye. It was the information from the local underground that helped to learn about the deployment of the warehouse and adjusted the attack on the enemy.

We emphasize once again that partisanship is not only direct actions aimed at undermining the enemy’s military equipment and liquidating its personnel. Information about the placement and pressing of the enemy. adjusting artillery strikes, non-violent resistance – these are all things that everyone can do and thus bring our victory closer.

Intelligence from our underground has helped destroy hundreds of enemy targets and continues to bring us closer to victory.

Report information about the enemy through our Telegram bot or a special form on the website.

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