The enemy changes the demographic composition of the temporarily occupied territories

Since the occupation, 157,000 Russians have been brought to Sevastopol, such data are made public by the Russians themselves.

The population of the city increased from 393,000 to 560,000 during the occupation period, which was happily reported in the State Duma of the terrorist country. It is not difficult to guess that the increase in the population was ensured by transported Russian military personnel and members of their families, as well as tourer employees from the Russian Federation.

We note that the policy of changing the demographic composition of the enemy is carried out in all temporarily occupied territories. Guest workers from other regions of the Russian Federation are massively brought to captured Ukrainian cities, and Ukrainians are either forcibly deported or under pressure.

At the same time, living conditions are created in the regions, when obtaining an enemy’s passport is the only possible way to survive on the TOT. In this way the number of “Russians” is artificially increasing.

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