The enemy continues to repress the residents of Mariupol

The enemy has intensified counterintelligence measures in the temporarily captured Mariupol of the Donetsk region, the General Staff reports.

The hero city of Mariupol continues to resist and the Russians are forced to resort to repression, but in vain. Occupiers carry out mass raids on houses and apartments of local residents, check personal documents and mobile devices.

In this way the occupiers are trying to intimidate the local population and identify those who help the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

It should be noted that earlier the occupation administration began to check local teenagers for involvement in the partisan movement.

Children are stopped at checkpoints, phones are checked and the presence of the enemy’s passport (which in the Russian Federation is obtained from the age of 14). They also hold “preventive conversations” where they demand to report “unreliable comrades”.

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