The enemy is intensifying the humanitarian crisis on the TOT

Russians caused a humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories to make the local population dependent on their occupation administrations.

Thus, since the occupation, there has been an increase in the prices of goods, especially food, in the captured regions. A decrease in the turnover of production and sales of products produced at enterprises controlled by the enemy is also recorded.

At the same time, in Donetsk region, a complicated situation is observed regarding the provision of fresh water to the region, and as a result of the so-called “mobilization” measures, the enemy received an inevitable shortage of manpower.

In addition, the difficult security situation and the destroyed infrastructure are an additional factor that prompts the local population to be forced to move to the depths of the TOT with subsequent “evacuation” to the territory of the Russian Federation, or to receive an enemy’s passport for the right to “social assistance”.

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