The enemy is preparing new propagandists in TOT

телебачення, пропаганда

In the temporarily occupied territories, Russians are training new propagandists from scratch for the needs of their machine of lies.

From the very beginning of the occupation, the Russians immediately created “alternative media” for the captured people, which mimic the local ones. The task of such media is to allegedly become the voice of the region and at the same time to brainwash the locals.

The problem that the occupiers have not solved so far is that for some reason Russians themselves work in these media, because local journalists have refused to cooperate. Therefore, the Russians are trying to create local propagandists from scratch.

For this, unprincipled youth are recruited who, in search of fame and work, are ready to work for the enemy. So, in Luhansk region on the eve of September 1, 20 students received “blogger kits”.

In addition, they received a list of topics that should be covered within the framework of the “writing the future” project. The winners will become “journalists” of newly created branches of Russian channels.

In this way, young people immediately sign up for a crime against their state, although they are mostly unaware of their role.

We will remind, in Rostov-on-Don (Russian Federation) the “training” of propagandists to work in the temporarily occupied territories is also ongoing. For “training”, the Russians selected a number of collaborators from TOT residents.

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