The enemy is returning home previously “evacuated” residents from settlements on the front line

The occupiers began to return home the inhabitants of settlements located directly on the contact line, in order to use them as “human shields”.

Residents of Tokmak and Vasylivka, who were previously deported to Berdiansk, began to be evacuated. The Gauleiter also announced the opening of schools on the contact line, despite the placement of the Russian army in school premises.

In fact, the enemy took advantage of the “evacuation” to passport the residents, because people could get housing and social benefits only based on the presence of Russian “passport”. Now they are forcibly returned to their homes, where hostilities are taking place.

It will be recalled that the occupiers hide soldiers in the premises of operating schools in the temporarily occupied territories in order to hide behind children.

Officially, the occupiers explain the placement of the military on the territory of schools as “paramilitary security” for the safety of children. However, in fact, the combat units of the Russian Armed Forces are located on the vacant floors.

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