The enemy uses children for his own propaganda

In the temporarily occupied territories, the occupation administration, through controlled teachers, forces children in school camps to write letters to the Russian invaders.
The relevant letters were centrally written in the camps of Berdyansk and Melitopol. Moreover, children did it under the record of propagandists. The letters themselves were written under the dictation of Russian teachers who were brought to the TOT from Russia.
It should be noted that the Russians have turned schools in the TOT into propaganda centers and fine parents who do not send their children to these “schools”, as well as threaten them with deprivation of parental rights.
In the schools themselves, «youth» and militaristic movements have been created, admission to which is actually compulsory. Such a policy is aimed at destroying the self-identification of an entire generation of Ukrainians, which is a signal of genocide.
The Center of National Resistance calls on the local authorities to bring the de-occupation of Ukrainian cities closer and transmit information about the enemy. This can be done through the Telegram bot of resistance.

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