The escape of collaborators, the personnel shortage for occupiers and efforts to stop the underground – a review from TOT

Panic moods are increasing among the collaborators who no longer believe in the fighting capacity of the occupying army or a peaceful life. They are ready to evacuate from the temporarily occupied territories at any opportunity. The National Resistance Center has prepared a new overview of the main events of this week.

Fighting the underground

The underground is actively spreading Ukrainian symbols in the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk, demonstrating their disagreement with the criminal occupation regime.

In turn, the chief collaborator of the Kherson region conducted a meeting with occupier security forces where they discussed ways to fight partisan movements.

At the same time the occupiers in the temporarily occupied Melitopol installed a large number of street cameras trying to protect themselves from the partisan movement.

Personnel problems of the occupiers

Collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson are massively escaping to the Russian Federation, despite the ban on leaving the leadership of the occupation administrations.

Considering the massive number of departures and the refusal of Ukrainians to cooperate with the occupiers, the Russians lack medical specialists. Medical facilities on TOT are overloaded and doctors are forced to work in several shifts.

Also, in search of a sufficient number of collaborators, the Russians appoint their officials to leadership positions in the occupation administrations at the TOT of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Repression of the enemy

The Russians turned forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories into a means of profiting from civilian residents. Persons who refuse to pay a bribe or do not have enough money are sent by the occupiers to field camps to undergo an accelerated course of general military training.

At the same time, in the Kerch region of the temporarily occupied Crimea the enemy forcibly conducts training for veterans of the war in Afghanistan. Those who refused were threatened with imaginary fines and mobilization.

Also, in an effort to force the local citizens to issue a Russian passport, the occupiers are creating unbearable living conditions. Anyone who does not have a Russian “document” is recognized as a foreigner and receives threats of deportation.

In particular, the occupiers are forcing residents of TOT Zaporizhia region to rearrange electricity supply contracts, for which they need to have Russian “documents”. Otherwise they threaten to disconnect the apartments from electricity supply.

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