The humanitarian crisis in Tokmak is getting worse 

The invaders have created a humanitarian crisis in Tokmak, which violates international law, according to which it is the invader who is responsible for ensuring the livelihoods of the occupied region.

The Russian regime is killing and destroying everything it can reach. Currently, the situation in the temporarily occupied Tokmak (Zaporizhzhia region) remains difficult, as the enemy does not deliver medicines and humanitarian aid in sufficient quantities.

The situation is complicated by arrears in the payment of pensions and other social benefits. At the same time, the invaders have blocked transfers from Ukraine, condemning people to the brink of survival.

As a reminder, every resident of the temporarily occupied territories can speed up the liberation of their homeland and return peace to the region, as it was before Russia invaded Ukraine. 

To report the location of enemy forces, please follow the link.

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