The invaders are changing their tactics of fighting the partisans

The successful actions of the Ukrainian underground did not go unnoticed by the invaders administration, the enemy changed tactics and intensified repression.

Now, during anti-partisan raids, the invaders no longer use military uniforms and move around in cars with Ukrainian license plates. Cases of the use of reconnaissance UAVs to monitor places of mass gathering of people (markets, cafes, central squares) have also been recorded.

In addition, in the town of Brylivka, the invaders evicted residents who live within a radius of 400 meters from the railway station, where military equipment is being loaded, from their own houses. The station was encircled so that the locals would not surrender the movement of the occupation equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the same time, the number of checks of smartphones, documents, personal computers and house searches among residents of the villages of the south is increasing. Also, the invaders massively look for small arms from the locals, which are then seized even despite the permits, because they understand who these weapons will be directed against them during a counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

So we have three news here:

– The invaders finally admitted that they were enemies here
– The enemy still hopes to suppress the partisan movement
– Locals continue and will continue to resist the occupation, no matter what kind of witch hunt the Russians engage in.

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