The invaders are taking children from the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporozhye to Chuvashia

Шторм Z

The occupation administration of the temporarily captured districts of the Zaporizhzhia region takes children to the Russian Federation “on vacation”.

About 300 children should be taken to the Chuvash Republic, but as you know, the Russians do not return the children after their removal, under the guise of martial law in the region, which Vladimir Putin imposed on the temporarily occupied territories last fall.

At the same time, the Russian side blocked departure to Ukraine. Thus, children are used as hostages to force their parents to leave after them.

The policy of abducting children for their further assimilation is a sign of a nation’s genocide, because it is aimed at destroying the nation’s self-identity.

Therefore, all those who help or facilitate the removal of children will be punished for crimes against humanity.

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