The invaders engaged Cuban mercenaries in the war against Ukraine

The Russians are massively recruiting mercenaries from Cuba for the war against Ukraine, and then foreigners are used on the eastern front line.

In particular, according to the underground, Cubans are being used in the Kupiansk direction, as well as between Bakhmut and Horlivka. Earlier, the recruitment of Cuban nationals was reported by Cyber Resistance activists who hacked the email of Anton Perevozchikov, head of the recruitment center for contract military service in Tula.

The Russians themselves are proud to send Cubans to the front line because they “do not feel sorry for them”. At the same time, mercenaries are not formed into separate units but are scattered among existing Russian units, regardless of whether the mercenary speaks Russian. 

The attitude towards Cubans is in line with typical Russian chauvinism. In fact, their main role in the Russian model is to die first.

It is worth noting that the Defence Forces continue to methodically destroy the enemy, and the Russians will not be able to hide behind mercenaries or forced mobilized Ukrainians. To report the location of enemy equipment or personnel, please follow this link.

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