The occupation government in Donetsk was headed by Russians

After the Russian Federation took responsibility for the occupation of the regions of the Donetsk region, previously called the “DPR”, changes took place in the occupation administration.

The need for collaborators has disappeared, and although the main traitor, Denis Pushylin, has remained to perform a representative function, almost the entire “government” is now headed by Russians. Vitaly Khotsenko, who was born in Ukraine but spent his entire life in the Russian Federation, was appointed head of the “government” back in the summer.

His deputies were the Russian Evgeniy Solntsev, who had previously built a career in the Russian Railways, and Rustam Mingazov from Tatarstan. In addition to them, the deputies of the khotsenko became:

Russian Vladimir Yezhikov, who was previously one of the curators of the “DNR”, but before his appointment worked in Sevastopol;
Andrei Chertov – was transferred to Donetsk from Nizhny Novgorod.
Denis Tsukanov – representative of the Stavropol region.

Despite all Moscow’s talk about equality and fraternal relations, as we can see, “people’s rule” has ended. Now the region will be plundered by the Russians, as established in the Kremlin’s occupation worldview.

The Center of National Resistance urges all local residents not to cooperate with the enemy and not to receive Russian passports. Ukraine will return and all these “ministers” will go home if they have time.

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