The occupiers are mobilizing the “SSES” workers on the TOT

As part of the mobilization in the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region, the enemy called up employees of the so-called “Ministry of Emergency” of the LPR puppet entity to the army, the General Staff reports.

Employees of the “SSES” were called to the ranks of the enemy army in Alchevsk in order to replenish the losses of manpower. It should be noted that the russians deliberately conscript residents of Ukrainian territories into the army and send them to the front lines without proper training.

After all, the more losses the local population suffers, the more it will break the historical connection between the region and the Motherland. At the same time, this will further strengthen the propagandists’ thesis about “Ukrainian aggression”.

We remind you that in order to fulfill the mobilization indicators in North Ossetia, local military commissars are mobilizing drug addicts. The information about the massive mobilization of drug addicts was confirmed by one of the Russian soldiers who had surrendered to the Resistance Movement.

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