The occupiers are repressing TOT

As a result of the point strikes carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the location and command of enemy soldiers, the occupiers get crazy with paranoia.

For example, in the Kakhovsky district (Kherson region), the occupiers conducted a raid on the residences of local residents in order to check personal electronic equipment for evidence of correspondence with relatives in Ukraine and the transmission of information.

At the same time, the Russians blocked the exit and entrance to the village of Tytarivka (Luhansk region) and detained dozens of locals under the influence of working for the Armed Forces. Note that the village is located next to the village of Polovynkine, where the occupiers also repressed the local population.

The Russians do not understand that almost every local resident considers him an enemy. This together with intelligence acquired by other routes and modern technology makes it seem that the invaders are doomed to death.

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