The occupiers are restricting the movement of residents of the temporarily occupied districts of the Zaporizhia region

The Russians have restricted free movement in the captured lands of the Zaporizhia region, and allowed exit from populated areas only with permits.

So, according to the amended rules, residents of Berdyansk and Melitopol must obtain permission from the “commandant’s office” to leave, and then show it at the checkpoint. At the same time, the Russians are actively searching for the Ukrainian underground in the cities. We should also note that preparations for mobilization in the framework of the “new wave” of conscription into the ranks of the enemy are underway in the region.

In fact, the occupiers turned TOT into a “regime object”, where people often prefer not to walk the streets in order not to run into an enemy patrol with a check. At the same time, you cannot leave the object.

We will remind you that the occupiers are blocking the exit from the temporarily occupied territories to the territories under the control of the Government of Ukraine. In December, the occupiers closed the checkpoint in Vasylivka, and from January 15, the Russians plan to unblock it, but only on foot.

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