The occupiers are trying to find a crowd scene for the “youth festival”

In 2024, the Russians are planning to hold a propaganda event called the “International Youth Festival”, but they cannot find a crowd for it in the temporarily occupied territories.

“The “internationality” of the festival will be ensured by Russian agents of influence and marginalised people recruited by Rossotrudnichestvo around the world. In total, they plan to recruit henchmen from 180 countries.

All of this is a cultural influence measure that Moscow will sell to its own population as support from the world for its Nazi policy as opposed to voting in the UN and international isolation.

However, the TOT of Zaporizhzhia has no volunteers to take part in this, and the volunteer recruitment centre consists of newcomers from Russia.

It should be noted that the list of participants of the “festival” will be made public and each participant will be held responsible for justifying the aggression of the Russian Federation and working for the occupiers.

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