The occupiers began accelerated mobilization on the newly captured lands of Luhansk region

The Russians began a “partial mobilization” in the temporarily occupied Starobilsk and Kreminna districts.

Considering the situation at the front, the Russians are in a hurry to replenish their own army with “human resources”. In particular, in the Starobilsk district, Russians, together with the military commissars, go around the yards and distribute summons en masse. The situation is the same in Kreminna.

Despite the claims of Russian propaganda, summonses will be issued to all men of draft age, regardless of health or experience.

Note that the Russians send Ukrainians to the front without proper training and ammunition, because they benefit from our death regardless of the side we are fighting for, because it breaks the mental ties between the regions.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on residents of temporarily occupied regions to leave the region at the time of the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the territories.

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