The occupiers began to transfer troops to Belarus

According to the Belarusian underground, local training grounds are awaiting for the Russian troops to arrive.

Thus, the Center of National Resistance received information from Belarusian partisans that the formation of echelons for the Belarusian training grounds is being completed at the Ilyino station in the Nizhnygorod region of the Russian Federation. In particular:

To the “Obuz-Lesnovsky” training ground (Brest region) – two echelons consisting of 9 passenger (up to 500 rank-and-file) and four covered cars, 84 platforms with equipment;
To the “Lepelsky” training ground (Vitebsk region) – four passenger (up to 220 rank-and-file), 42 platforms with equipment;
To the “Losvydo” training ground (Vitebsk region) – two passenger (110 rank-and-file) and two covered wagons, 40 platforms with equipment.

The estimated time of arrival of Russian troops at the specified Belarusian training grounds is October 18-20.

It should be noted that earlier, thanks to the Belarusian underground, the Central Intelligence Agency received information about the mercenaries of the “League” PMC, who arrived in Belarus and planned to organize provocations on the Ukrainian border. This made it possible to disrupt the plans of the enemy.

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