The occupiers bring propaganda literature to the libraries on TOT

Russians continue to import their propaganda literature into the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Another batch of waste paper was brought to the seized libraries in Zaporizhzhia. Most of the books are “historical” references to the cultivation of war in Russian society. In particular, these books justify the invasion of the Russian Federation and the occupation of the territory of Ukraine.

The Russians use this waste to replace the Ukrainian books they remove from Ukrainian libraries. For this purpose, the occupiers created “commissions” of collaborators and the curator of the FSB, which conduct surveys of funds and form lists of literature to be destroyed.

9,500 books in the Ukrainian language were taken out of libraries in the captured lands of Donetsk region alone. The list of “extremist literature” included books by Volodymyr Vyatrovich, Vakhtang Kipiani, Oksana Zabuzhko, and the Kapranov brothers.

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