The occupiers deported another 600 Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories

According to our underground, from the end of May to the first days of June, another 600 Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied regions were deported to the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.
We are talking about residents of Debaltseve, Dokuchaevsk (Donetsk region) and Starobilsk (Luhansk region). It is there that the distribution camps are located, where residents are held before deportation.
In the future, the occupation administration instructs the so-called «Ministry of Transport», which should allocate buses. At the same time, the «Ministry of Health» should provide medical support. And finally, the «Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation» carries out direct transportation and accompaniment of our citizens.
Each of the employees of these structures is known and will be punished for crimes against humanity.

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