The occupiers increased the mobilization pace in Luhansk region

Despite the statement of the leaders of the occupiers regarding the completion of mobilization, it continues even in the temporarily occupied territories.

Thus, the occupiers are vigorously serving summonses in Khrustalny, Anthracite, Rovenky and other settlements of the Luhansk Region. The mobilized are immediately sent to local training points, thus quickly replacing losses.

Note that to cover the shortage of labor in the rear, the enemy brings Russian tourers to the TOT, and instead mobilizes local workers. Thus, the “problem” of manpower in the army is solved and the demographic composition changes.

We emphasize that the empire always solves its problems with the hands of national minorities. The death of Ukrainians is beneficial to the Russians regardless of which side they fought for, because it breaks the mental unity of the people.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT to leave the region and not become a resource for the enemy.

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