The occupiers mine the TOT of Ukraine

In the TOT of southern Ukraine, in particular in the Melitopol region, the Russian occupying forces with the help of special military equipment continue to install mine fences right on the sown fields, and in some places just on dirt roads.

According to available information, the tracked minelayer GMZ-3, which mines the ground at a speed of 208 units per minute, has already been recorded more than once in the fields near Melitopol. These actions on the part of the occupying forces once again endanger the lives of civilians, and in particular, the movement of special equipment such as harvesters for cultivating fields.

The National Resistance Center asks citizens of Ukraine to be vigilant, especially when traveling by vehicle on dirt roads, and urges them to report the placement and movement of the enemy through the Telegram bot. Thus, each of you can approximate the occupation of all settlements.

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