The occupiers “nationalized” 700 enterprises in Crimea  

Since the end of 2022, the occupation administration of the temporarily occupied peninsula of Crimea has begun to “capture” the business of Ukrainians and those whom it suspects of disloyalty.

Since then, 700 enterprises have been “nationalized” on the peninsula and put up for sale. In fact, it is about robbing all those who disagree with the occupation and the policies of the Putin regime.

It should be noted that all these orders on “nationalization” and agreements on further sale are legally null and void. That is why there are no queues of buyers for the seized property, because everyone understands that the occupiers have no rights to this business.

Earlier, in the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy began to define “mismanagement property”, the owners of which left the region due to occupation.
In fact, we are talking about robbery of locals, and a means of keeping people in the TOT, because in case of leaving the region, your property automatically becomes “mismanagement” and is put up for sale.

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