The occupiers offer money to Ukrainians so that they agree to move to the Russian Federation

The occupiers offer money to the residents of the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast to agree to move to remote regions of the Russian Federation.

Yes, if you left the Kherson region for the territory of the Russian Federation, or you are a collaborator and are a subject for “evacuation”, you can receive a payment of 100,000 rubles and a certificate for the purchase of housing in the Russian Federation.

Such actions are aimed at changing the ethnic composition of the captured region and assimilating those who left. But there are still no exit queues. Those who agreed are currently complaining that there are no payments. On the spot, Ukrainians are informed that they need to provide “some new documents” and that money is not issued.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to leave the region if possible and leave for territories under the control of the Government of Ukraine.

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