The occupiers plan to “mobilize” men of conscription age in the TOT

If previously a Russian passport guaranteed a summons to the occupier’s army, after the “referendum” all men of conscription age are at risk.

After holding a pseudo-referendum in the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers will increase the pace of forced “mobilization”. As Ukraine’s Resistance Center has repeatedly written, Russians consider men on the TOT as “cannon fodder.” And after the results of the fake vote, they will announce that men “have to defend the earth from the Nazis.” And the process will be very simple: detention of men, forced registration of Russian passports and mobilization to the occupation army.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on the residents of the region to evacuate the TOT immediately. If you do not have such an opportunity, ignore the “referendum”, do not go to the polling station, and do not open the door of your apartment to strangers during the referendum.

If you were forcibly mobilized to the armed formations of the enemy, surrender to the Ukrainian military.

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