The occupiers plan to settle 300,000 Russians in temporarily occupied Mariupol

The enemy has developed a “development plan” for the temporarily occupied Mariupol, which provides for an increase in its population by approximately 300,000 due to migration from the Russian Federation.

The National Resistance Center learned about this from sources in the Ukrainian underground, which had access to relevant documents of the occupation administration. Planned demographic changes should be implemented by 2035. In order to stimulate them, the Kremlin started implementing a program of preferential mortgages for citizens of the Russian Federation. In addition, the occupiers bring wage earners and civil servants from depressed regions of the Russian Federation to TOT.

At the same time, local residents are forcibly deported to the territory of the Russian Federation.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that these actions correspond to the signs of genocide according to international law. All those involved in the genocide of the Ukrainian nation will suffer a just and inevitable punishment for this.

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