The occupiers threaten criminal responsibility for businesses on the TOT that refuse to cooperate with the enemy

According to the occupiers, all businesses on TOT, which as of July 1 did not re-register their business to the norms of enemy legislation, will bear “criminal responsibility”.

The occupation administration demands that such businesses cease operations, and threatens them with consequences if the entrepreneurs do not respond to the threats. At the same time, we note that re-registration takes place only if the holder has a passport of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the enemy also wants to increase the rate of passporting of the region, still unsuccessful.

It should be noted that since January 1, the occupiers have banned the circulation of the hryvnia, because they are trying to take control of the residents of TOT. Therefore, they want to make TOT residents dependent on payments in rubles, and thus strengthen passporting. Because the passport itself is a necessary condition for receiving payments.

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