The occupiers threaten to confiscate the property of parents who do not send their children to Russian schools

In the occupied Kherson region, the Russians exert pressure on parents who do not send their children to study in captured schools.

In September, the Russians plan to start the school year according to the Russian program. This means there will be propaganda centers aimed to pursue the Russification of Ukrainian children. However, parents are in no hurry to send their children to these “educational institutions”.

Now the occupiers are threatening to evict families who do not agree to educate their children in Russian schools. At the same time, Russians promise to confiscate the property. All parents who do not apply for the education of their children in “schools” will be fined 148,000 rubles as a warning.

The National Resistance Center calls on residents of temporarily occupied territories to evacuate immediately for the duration of the operation to liberate the territory. We will return after the victory

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